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Hi there. I have a pretty kinky and strange hobby. I really like to shave or partially shave girls hair then get them to suck my dick. This is what absolute turns me up. That is OK, but why I tell you this and why I created this site? I had two reasons. First of all I want to show my hobby and my sluts to everybody. Over and above this hobby is rather expensive because I have to find the girls then I have to pay them for the fucked up haircut, the suck and I also have to pay them because I record all of it. The girls I use are 100% amateurs and this is their first step to be a porn model if at all they will. So I present you my kinky and strange content. I hope you will enjoy it.

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Oh and one more thing: If you have own, LEGAL and NEVER SEEN woman head shaving porn video I may buy it to upload here. Don't hesitate to contact me.

Stupid mushroom style
Years ago this cunt's hair was cut to short mohawk. This time I created a stupid mushroom style. She is a bottom who likes humiliation so I tugged at her hair until she started to cry. Of course the shot went to her shaved nape. Finally I just kicked the bitch out of the house. We will see if she will call me again.
This blonde secretary has a strong haircut fetish.
This woman is regularly visiting my blog (at and one day she was brave enough and wrote me a message that she would like to be one of my slut. She introduced herself as a woman who is shy but kinky and has strong haircut-fetish. It was not easy to meet her because she is living 1000 km away from me but after 50 emails (or so) and after I promised I will give her the cost of the train ticket and the hotel as soon as she arrived, she agreed and began the big 'be a shaved porn slut' adventure. This girl is a CEO's secretary in a multinational company. Can you imagine what the CEO will say when she goes to the office with this highly shaved nape? I have two scenarios: If the CEO has also this kind of perversion then Oprah will be kneeling under the table often in the next few months. But if the CEO is not a haircut-fetish pervert this poor girl will be fired. I promise I will inform you what happened.

UPDATE: So what happened with her? The CEO said it was an unacceptable hairstyle in the main office of the headquarter. I don't agree of course. From this, I infer that he has no haircut fetish :). Oprah wasn't kick off but was sent to a back office where a lucky manager use her multifarious abilities (writing emails, making cafe, sucking dick etc.). Her new manager is a kinkster anyway, and let Oprah come here again. I have the raw video now and will release in a few days.